PCA Chemical Peels


clear,Glowing skin is POSSIBLE..

Everyone wants perfect skin; and now it is more attainable than ever. Chemical Exfoliation for the skin has been used for centuries in countries around the globe. Giving women and men the ability to remove the dead skin that regenerates every 28 days and stays adhered to their skin, dulling it down and clogging pores. "Lighter, Tighter, Brighter" is the way we like to explain the benefits your skin will enjoy after getting peeled. The fully customizable PCA Chemical Peels will give you the ability to achieve your skin care goals in a more aggressive timeline than with traditional over the counter products. Chemical Peels will also allow you to feel your skin in its softest state, even more so than with manual exfoliants such as the Clarisonic. After a consultation with your preferred Esthetician, you will be able to create a game plan and begin a customized chemical peel regiment and timeline for your desired goals in focus areas. 


Chemical Peel $80

Before you book our PCA Chemical Peel! 
NOTE: For new PCA Peel Clients, please do not apply any Retin A, Retinol or exfoliating products three days prior to your booked appointment. 
NOTE: All waxing and PCA Chemical peel appointments need to be booked 7 days apart. This allows our PCA Peel products to correctly settle in with your skin, while keeping your skin safe!

Pricing and Information upon request. Please email gildbeautybar@gmail.com